Procedures for Clearing Customs

As a returning national, clearing customs upon your arrival in your home country is an essential step to complete before you can proceed with your journey. Customs clearance ensures that you comply with the country’s regulations and laws regarding the importation of goods, including personal belongings and any items you may have acquired during your time abroad. Understanding the procedures and requirements for clearing customs as a returning national is crucial to facilitate a smooth and efficient process. 

What you should know...

  • When Returning Nationals arrive in St. Kitts and Nevis, they should first visit or contact the Returning Nationals Secretariat (in St. Kitts) or the Ministry of Finance (In Nevis) for the proper procedure for clearing their personal effects and/or automobile through the Customs & Excise Department.
  • The Returning National will be interviewed by the Administrator to determine their eligibility for the duty-free concessions.
  • The Returning National will complete an application for the duty-free concessions and if all the requirements have been met, the Administrator will certify this to the Comptroller of Customs. Prior to the recommendation, a background check will be done on the information provided by the applicant. This may require 2-3 working days to complete or as needed, based on information provided.

Easy for Applicants

  • Returning Nationals may file for the concession in-person at the office of the Returning Nationals Secretariat or via our online application form. A letter from the Returning National authorising an agent or representative to act on their behalf will be required, if necessary.  
  • The Returning National then presents his/her declaration (entry) to the Customs and Excise Department with all the necessary documentation. The Returning National should be able to clear his/her goods with relative ease.

NB: Qualified applicants can benefit once from this concession.

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